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TATIANA MASLANY Talks OB Season 3, #CloneClub Fan Art & Ninja Turtles at Comic-Con 2014

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Trans “Erasure” and the “Male Clones”


OK, friends. I’ve gotten more than one question about this, so I’m just gonna write a thing. Cool? Cool. 

When Project Castor was revealed there was a lot of chatter online about the “male clones” or “boy clones” and several people asked the question “Is it trans erasure to call them that when there is already Tony, who IS a male clone?” Shouldn’t we be referring to them as the “cis male clones” or something like that? 

The answer, as always, is: it’s complicated. There are two major things to think about here that rang true for me when I started giving this some real thought:

1. Yes, referring to the Project Castor clones as “the male clones” IS without a doubt trans erasure. By excluding Tony from what “male” means (since he is CERTAINLY a clone) you are, intentionally or not, effectively erasing Tony’s “male-ness”. That said, I too referred to the Project Castor clones as the “male clones” when I first wrote about them. Part of that is because of point 2. 

2. I am actually incredibly uncomfortable (and bet there are a few other trans men who feel the same way) with the qualification being made that someone is trans vs cis. To differentiate between cis and trans men, when it is not pertinent to the conversation, is a little bit like saying “My black friend”. It is otherizing and incredibly uncomfortable for the person being described. Trans men are just MEN, there are no qualifiers required to that statement, unless something in your conversation requires knowledge of a person’s trans-ness or lack there of. 

So, what do we do? How do we talk about male clones without erasing the trans clone, while also NOT setting Tony apart from any other guy? It’s all very complicated and messy, and the best thing we can do is try to be inclusive and kind to one another. I personally have taken to referring to them as “The Project Castor Clones” or “The Mark Clones”. This removes any gender qualifications and effectively circumvents the trans/cis qualifiers when talking about clones. That’s what makes the most sense to me, but as always, draw your own conclusions friends.

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this scene was wild from start to finish

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favorite fictional redheads: Donna Noble (Doctor Who)
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the doctor & rose + colours abound (requested by riversmelodyy)

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For my fellow Doctor/Rose shippers in the Infinity Network.

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